Name, place of establishment and field of activity
Objectives of the Association
Activities undertaken to fulfil the Association’s objectives
Means for fulfilling the Association's objectives
Types of membership
Acquisition of membership
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(Association statutes in accordance with the Austrian Associations Act of 2002)

Name, place of establishment and field of activity

§ 1. (1) The Association shall bear the name “Österreichische Agentur für wissenschaftliche Integrität” (OeAWI), which is translated into English as “Austrian Agency for Research Integrity”.

(2) The Association shall have its head office in Vienna, Austria, and its activities shall extend to the entire country. The Association may also undertake activities in other countries.

(3) The Association may establish branch associations. In addition, the Association may also invest in and cooperate in the management of business organisations related to the objectives of the Association.

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